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New Pentax lens announcements! - thxbb12 - 11-03-2017

Indeed, the resolution of the Pentax 560 at f5.6 is mediocre, as shown here: https://www.pentaxforums.com/reviews/pentax-da-560mm-f56-ed-aw/sharpness.html

The image has a major lack of contrast and a hazy look similar to old f1.4 lenses shot wide-open.

The IQ is not even close to the recent 150-600 lenses from Tamron and Sigma.

Quite pathetic unfortunately...


And I used to be a Pentax shooter. I really liked their cameras.

New Pentax lens announcements! - JJ_SO - 11-03-2017

Quote:As a Pentaxian (by definition the enemy of some gentlemen here), I'd want Ricoh Imaging to get out their own lenses, as much as possible.

I don't call camera owners, no matter which brand as "enemies". If you need to do so, that's entirely your game. To use your word: "your definition". But that sentence alone leaves me with the impression of a quite narrow minded person on the other side of the screen. It's an impression, not a verdict about you. Not knowing about the current choices of affordable and pretty good performing 150-600 lenses is another thing. Sigma had their reasons to redraw from Pentax. Even they who make some pretty exotic cameras and lenses are kind of tired. It were Pentax bodies I learnt to enjoy the Sigma quality with and that was before the Global Vision concept of Art, Sports and Comtemporary series got started. There were many good features in Pentax bodies, it's a shame their products are no longer seen in normal stores.

New Pentax lens announcements! - Guest - 11-03-2017

I have a problem with "evaluating" a lens only from reading reviews Wink I'd rather listen to the owner's experience, and I've seen some quite good images taken with it.

By the way, to quote from the review: "This lens is already quite sharp wide-open, and it becomes very sharp and contrasty when stopped down to F8."


As a Pentaxian, I want Pentax to do better. I'm even helping them with my money Wink

But calling the DA 560mm "crappy" is nothing more than bashing. We can agree it's an imperfect lens, and on the necessity of replacement.


One of the reasons I'm biased against Pentax rebadging more Tamrons is people are now assuming that every single Pentax lens is a rebadge. I admit not being entirely objective about this.

But the root cause - brand dilution, as opposed to regaining their prestige of a top lens manufacturer - is a real issue.

There's also the matter of offering something not available to the competition, especially not available at lower prices (as would surely be the case). There's also the matter of re-gaining expertise in this niche, patents, etc. to make possible more ambitious designs.


Sigma never said they no longer want to serve the K-mount (although I don't see any sign of new K-mount products from their side).

I think they're more likely to launch (on their own) a K-mount super tele zoom than Tamron. But it doesn't matter which of them would be doing it.


As for writing something more positive... that's easy: just remember the subject of this thread. A D FA* 50mm f/1.4 on schedule for a Spring launch - top-end lens, with a ring-type SDM motor; a DA* 11-18mm f/2.8 on schedule for a Summer launch; that means they're not abandoning the high-end APS-C.


By the way, those D FA* lenses make me slightly more confident about some future super teles.

New Pentax lens announcements! - Guest - 11-03-2017

Quote: narrow minded person

This is the second time you're jumping to personal attacks.

This says quite a lot about you, and nothing about me.

New Pentax lens announcements! - toni-a - 11-03-2017

Kunzite is happy with Pentax that's fine, other systems have much more lenses but you can't wear more than one shirt.

If he has the lenses he needs that's fine.

I don't own anything beyond 300mm, i don't remember the last time I used a focal longer than 100mm (105 actually) or wider than 15mm (I am on APS-C)

If I were in Pentax land I wouldn't miss much when it comes to lenses.

Pentax has its limitations yes but many are happy with it.

I use Windows phone, no new phones since long time, almost no apps, yet i am happy using it, it's extremely reliable, and nobody is wasting his time making viruses targeting very few Windows Phone mobile users, I know android and apple phones are more capable and have much more apps but i am happy where i am

New Pentax lens announcements! - Guest - 11-03-2017

Everyone should be happy with the system he's using, or else he should jump ship.


I'm actually waiting for the ultra wide-angle - I'd want something smaller and lighter than the 15-30 (yet wider than 28mm). It's because I don't have everything I will ever buy, that I'm happy about this pre-announcement.

New Pentax lens announcements! - toni-a - 11-04-2017

I bought 300D in 2004 and was extremely happy using it, it gave me so many keepers, in 2006 I upgraded to 30D then  got 17-55f2.8, that was my main gear till 2015 was very satisfied never felt I was missing something, even when 30D mirror box died in 2010 I switched back to 300D and was fine, a 6MP 8 year old camera body that was not a serious gear yet my photography didn't suffer. 

In 2015 as I had an excellent job and had plenty of money I got full frame 5D then 24MP 750D then the outstanding 7Dmkii, plus  10 new lenses among other gear, did my photography get better ? I can't see I have more keepers.

I see myself each time deciding which gear to take and I finish carrying all three camera bags when only one camera and one lens will be actually used....

New Pentax lens announcements! - JJ_SO - 11-04-2017

Last word on that "personal attack" complaint, kunzite. You're very easily and quickly feeling personally attacked when it's about Pentax.

You don't even care reading but go fast to "interpretation mode". It might help not to see a camera brand a substitute for a religious confession and not everybody is banging them when one dares to point out weaknesses of a lens you even don't own.

In thisnthread I counted about 4 ex-Pentax-users, including me. All of us had reasons to look elsewhwere finding what we were searching for. That doesn't question your decision to stay with the brand.

New Pentax lens announcements! - davidmanze - 11-04-2017

Windows and it's keyboard shortcuts!


  How do you get rid of these accidental posts that seem not to want to go away?

New Pentax lens announcements! - davidmanze - 11-04-2017

Quote:Everyone should be happy with the system he's using, or else he should jump ship.


I'm actually waiting for the ultra wide-angle - I'd want something smaller and lighter than the 15-30 (yet wider than 28mm). It's because I don't have everything I will ever buy, that I'm happy about this pre-announcement.
  Agreed!  The ultra wide looks like it could be a great "bright" asset to the lens line as will be the DA* 50mm F1.4........


    .........maybe it's a question of age, I think it could be some years until the lens range comes together, (and I hope it does).


  however, who can predict the future, these days I tend to work on the....


  ..."I don't know what I want, but I want it now   ......scenario!"


Actually, Sigma had stated that they had no plans to expand their lens line up in the K mount, existing K mounts are still there!



  In the end it's the images that tell the story....not the gear!   .. as Toni says.......


     but you will always find gear heads on a lens testing site....it's normal behavour.....usually occupying their own "brand castle" checking their "moat" first thing in the morning to see if any undesirable brand adversaries have succumbed to the waters. 


   Check your moat Kunsite,  you might find an old Nikonian....... it might even be me!   Tongue   Big Grin


  and may Pentax live forever!