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Canon 700D focus issues. - davidmanze - 11-29-2017

      Maybe lucky!!         There was  no doubt about my bad luck though!

Canon 700D focus issues. - Brightcolours - 11-29-2017

No lens?

Canon 700D focus issues. - JJ_SO - 11-29-2017

Oil spots with the right radius will do as lens  ^_^

Canon 700D focus issues. - davidmanze - 11-30-2017

  Here's the Nikon link to free replacement shutter mechanism.






   Nikon will replace the shutter free of charge even out of the guarantee period with free postage!

Canon 700D focus issues. - davidmanze - 11-30-2017

Quote:No lens?
  No lens.


Oil spots with the right radius will do as the lens   ^_^


   Just the oil spots.........trouble is it keeps on throwing them out of the front of the camera......


    .....so now I carry an oil can as standard!   :o

Canon 700D focus issues. - Rover - 11-30-2017

And I thought I had bad luck with cameras, right down to the point and shoots. Smile So far, only my current 1D Mark IV has had no issues of internal origin (fingers crossed!), only those stemming from rough (and inept) handling by yours truly. All the others, well... the 30D was especially bothersome, but even the 1D Mark II N once had a mirror failure once that cost me around Â½ of what I had paid for the camera (on a flea market, to be fair) to fix.

Canon 700D focus issues. - toni-a - 11-30-2017

Quote:No lens?
If you are referring to lens problems i had my share, but that was my fault, dropping a lens has nothing to do with manufacturer, problem was solved once I bought decent backpacks