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...Nikon 1 and 3rd party developers - Ronnie B - 07-16-2014

...are any of the 3rd party lens or accessory manufacturers developing products for the Nikon 1 series :wacko:  ??? ...if not, why not ???  :wacko:

...Nikon 1 and 3rd party developers - Brightcolours - 07-17-2014

Because it is such a small sensor format? And the people who choose Nikon 1 usually are not big lens enthusiasts (else they would not have chosen Nikon 1 in general) so the 3rd party lens manufacturers don't think it will sell?


And Sigma has said in the past that they need tech info from Nikon to make lenses for Nikon 1, and Nikon is not giving that.

...Nikon 1 and 3rd party developers - JJ_SO - 07-17-2014

Probably the ongoing reports or rumours about Nikon abandoning their 1 series is building not enough confidence to the third party manufacturers. I see it a niche system to people who already own Nikon. To others, it's expensive and can't do much more tricks. But this only my impression, not a fact based conclusion.

...Nikon 1 and 3rd party developers - Studor13 - 07-18-2014

I already have 5 CX lenses and plan to buy more - all Nikkors.


I doubt that there are many people who have a 1 system that would consider 3rd party CX lenses.


Also, the more popular ones like the 18.5mm (50mm FOV) are not that expensive.


There are some CX lenses that are fairly expensive, for example the 6.7-13mm (18-35mm FOV) but they are really good. At 10mm and wide open this zoom out performs the 10mm f2.8 in terms of corner sharpness. And VR to boot.


Perhaps I would consider a Sigma Art 32mm f/1.2 if it were say 400 eur since the Nikkor 32mm is just too expensive (800 eur) for me.


If you want an idea of how good the V1 and 18.5mm is please check out my Cambodia snaps.

...Nikon 1 and 3rd party developers - Ronnie B - 07-21-2014

...thanx for the thoughts...I was just curious as to the current thinking...I have numerous cx lens and they are gooood! and most reasonably priced  Rolleyes  Rolleyes  Rolleyes