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Hawaii with my outdated camera - DaveO - 06-12-2014

   Here's a couple of pictures with my Nikon D 300s and 16-85mm lens from last week.





Hawaii with my outdated camera - Klaus - 06-15-2014

Nice pics. 

Why is the 300s outdated ? The progress in camera-side IQ has been rather moderate lately.

Hawaii with my outdated camera - toni-a - 06-16-2014

In film days a 20 year camera was not considered outdated...this is just nonsense you mean the pictures we take with our DSLR will be considered outdated in a couple of years ??

I am still happy using with my now 10 year old DSLR .

Back to the pictures, maybe it is the non calbrated screen at work,they seem slightly overexposed with contrast slighly low.

Very nice scenery although green is too dominant. mainly in pic2.

back to pic 2, I don't know what kind of post processing has been done, but the shadows are too bright for shadows giving it an artificial look just like HDR pictures.

I like all three mainly pic2, but I might disagree with post processing Smile

Hawaii with my outdated camera - DaveO - 06-17-2014

  There was no post processing, unless possibly the camera applied something.  They are all jpeg images.  The area gets 85 inches or rain a year so that the foliage is very lush and green.

Thanks for all the comments.