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new Nikon 1 gear - Klaus - 03-13-2014

Nikon 1 V3:



1 Nikkor 10-30mm f/3.5-5.6 VR PD



1 Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR



new Nikon 1 gear - Guest - 03-13-2014

Quote:1 Nikkor 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6 VR

What do you think about the MTFs for this lens?

new Nikon 1 gear - popo - 03-13-2014

70-300? Finally! An interesting telephoto for a mirrorless system, although the effective aperture isn't so great...


I have to wonder if this will be popular with the wildlife crowd. Lack of super-telephotos remains a weakness on mirrorless systems.

new Nikon 1 gear - Brightcolours - 03-13-2014

f16 indeed is not so hot for wild life (and will be diffraction limited wide open). but 300 x 2.7 = 810mm equivalent is nothing to sneeze at. But for MFT there already were interesting (super)telephoto lenses.


I find this V3 exceptionally ugly, though. And its forbears were already not so pretty.

new Nikon 1 gear - popo - 03-13-2014

Last time I looked the 300mm class lenses from Panasonic/Oly weren't terribly exciting. Plus at least the Nikon system supposedly has some degree of distance tracking AF, so the Nikon is probably the more "DSLR" like experience as long as you're not expecting a shallow(er) depth of field.

new Nikon 1 gear - Klaus - 03-14-2014

The pricing is a bit gaga, isn't it ?

new Nikon 1 gear - Guest - 03-14-2014

Quote:The pricing is a bit gaga, isn't it ?
The pricing is staggering. I wonder what the thinking is? No-one will buy this for kids sport, which is the niche that you might imagine a smallish sensor camera with good continuous tracking might carve out. But serious hobbyists are unlikely to bite because they tent to care more about IQ than the images they take (sometimes guilty of this error myself) Maybe some kind of semi-professional sports or wildlife photographers for whom the price of a 1dx or D4 and associated super teles is out of bounds? You might get the shot, and the quality would be OK (and the DOF is going to be thin enough at 800mm equiv. even at the slowish aperture). But this is surely not a huge market!

new Nikon 1 gear - JJ_SO - 03-14-2014

Besides of the pricing it has a lot of features other Nikons with interchangeable lenses don't have and with another fat bag of cash to buy the adapter for the "big" lenses there's AF, aperture is working contrary to a lot of other µ4/3 or Sony adaptors. So, not "only" (to me a kind of prejudice) moms of kids in soccer, but also sports photographers of all those tiny little local newspapers - decreasing numbers but which "Pro" DSLR can give you

20 fps @ 18 MP

no flapping mirror at this framerate (or even higher rates)

continous AF over the whole frame (and not only some AF points around the center)

Enough IQ for newspaper or internet stuff

tilted touchscreen


I think, it's a mistake to compare it to big DSLRs (and their low prices) and I also think it has a lot features the long expected but obviously not made D400 would never have. Okay, one cannot play with DoF on a CX-size sensor like on a FX. But CX is not that far away from DX, so it might become hard to tell the difference. And not many of those small system cameras have access to f/1.4 with working AF.

I wonder how good the electronic viewfinder might be, but really curious I'm about the menus. Compared to Canon G11 the Nikon P7800 menus are typically not made from or for photographers - it's more the product of smartphone developers and a lot unnecessary or less important functions are on the same level as the everyday needed buttons. I continuously struggle with that thing - but the tilted screen Canon gave up made it impossible to get the update of G11 from them.

Back to the 1 V3, I admit, I like the design. Would I buy one? Depends, using my lenses for DSLR is tempting but I don't need that framerate. And IQ-wise I don't see much of an improvement to what I'm already used of. Also, I'm used to buttons and dials and optical viewfinder and although it can be distracting - the mirror/shutter noise is something that belongs to "taking pictures".

But I'm trying my first µ4/3 steps - two days ago a dealer offered a Pana Lumix GF 5 with lens for 230$ instead of 630$ (or the usual offerings). I'm curious enough to try it to see if that concept might be something for me.

new Nikon 1 gear - popo - 03-14-2014

The pricing, are we talking about the lens, body or what?


The 70-300 seems reasonable e.g. the Canon 70-300L list price is 1.6x that, so in longer term the street price should be tolerable. I remember the Oly 75-300mm f/6.7 price caused shock when it originally came out, but does seem to have dropped to more tolerable levels now also.


Body wise I'm less concerned, can pick up an older model for next to nothing. I almost considered a V1 as a play thing when they were practically giving them away after the V2 launched.

new Nikon 1 gear - dave9t5 - 03-14-2014

I'm not sure what to make of the micro-SD card.  It kind of seems at odds with the pro angle that they are pushing.  I guess it allows more options for uploading images to your phone or tablet for the mobile journalist, but it's kinda redundant with built-in wi-fi.