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Voigtländer Trinity - Test? - Sahib7 - 10-20-2013

Dear Photozone-team,

after finding a good deal for a Voigtländer 25mm .95 and buying this lens I'm absolutely in love with that beast. Shooting with this lens is just great.

But the problem is that with this experience I've got another case of GAS. I'm lusting for the other two available Voigtländers...

Are you currently planning to test the 17.5 and the 42.5 f.95?

I would be highly interested in your opinion of these lenses!

Thank you!

Voigtländer Trinity - Test? - Klaus - 10-20-2013

As of now I do not plan to buy any of those but if someone is willing to supply one ...

Voigtländer Trinity - Test? - Sahib7 - 10-21-2013

It would be great if somebody could lend you one of the Voigtländer lenses!