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new Nikkor - mst - 08-13-2013

I agree with you on the pouch, since I only use those with small lenses and TCs, which you can place on each other in the camera bag and where protection is advisable.

A hood, though, should always be included with a lens, IMO. It's a protection against backlight, but also a mechanical protection of the front element.

Most lenses nowadays features plastic hoods, which I'm sure cost only a few cents to produce. It has become a bad habit of several manufacturers to try to make additional money with these accessories. Canon is doing so for ages already, Nikon started to do so with the 1 series, even Zeiss and now Voigtländer couldn't resist the temptation...

On large range zoom lenses, the design is of course never perfect and works best at the short end of the zoom range. However, that's also where you will most likely have to deal with backlight or flare, since the lens covers a larger amount of the environment.

-- Markus

new Nikkor - stevenb - 08-13-2013

Voigtländers lens hoods made of metal are high priced but very useful and durable accessories. I could not resist to purchase them for my two Voigtländer lenses. If Nikon will choose the same way to make extra money with their lens hoods made of cheap plastics i will have to disappoint them by using a lens hood from one of the other vendors. Maybe the Nikon lens hoods will become a nice bonus offered by the retailers?

But why i should complain? The last lens of interest for me made by Nikon was the 40mm 2.8 micro. Since then i purchased six additional lenses for my D7000 but none from Nikon. And a 18-140mm 3.5-5.6 DX is of no interest for me, neither as an additional lens nor as a kit-lens for my next DX-Body.