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RE: Nikon Z launched - JJ_SO - 11-18-2018

Short version: I get less shots for the Z7, but more in focus. 

Longer version: The D850 to me is a box of still hidden secrets - I could not tell somebody how to get constantly sharp BiF pics. The first problem always is, to aim at the subjects and keep them framed. In D850, it helps a lot to switch to DX mode, because I can see better what's coming into frame. The Z7 also has DX mode - but it changes the EVF picture, so no black line in the finder. That makes it easier to loose the subject.

I watched a utube vid from Mark Smith who is much better in this than I am: https://youtu.be/sNAziALpnXc

He made that comparison you're asking for, dave. I simply can't, because the next birds here are some swans, seagulls, ducks and other "ordinary" feathered animals.
It surprised me to get some mostly sharp tracking series.

[Image: i-5j7gMTv-L.jpg]

[Image: i-vq6JsmN-L.jpg]

[Image: i-nwrWPJq-L.jpg]

Even with a busy background it kept tracking, but not with that special tracking mode. I can't tell anymore in which shot I used which AF-C setting, I tried some of them.

The cool thing is: I assigned AF-mode to one of the Fn keys in fronts and switching to Spot metering to the other, that really helped.

RE: Nikon Z launched - davidmanze - 11-18-2018

I watched that video........Mark does a great job....both in his photos as well as his commentary story line!

I guess you need the right situation bird wise...... Mark is in the right place over there!

Bad times at the moment.......inclement weather...and few birds........that's four times I've gone out shooting and the camera has remained in the bag!

Glad that your Z7 is coming together for you!

RE: Nikon Z launched - JJ_SO - 11-18-2018

One takeaway from Mark's videos was also a comparison between D500 and D850: He said, AF of D850 is as good as D500 - once the battery grip is attached and the EN-EL18b battery is in use. According to Mark, not only fps is improving but also AF performance.

Makes some sense to me - with X-T2 it was the same. Also, for APS-C the EN-EL-15 is enough power source, for double file size, bigger mirror and shutter it can be a bit more. It just makes the D850 roughly 1000,- $ more expensive and I'm hesitating to spend this kind of money for "just adding a battery grip" and also for "rewarding Nikon to make another expensive, not adding functions like charging battery within the grip"-device. And that's something I really don't like to do. Don't suggest Meike cheapos, I simply don't trust them to come up with a good, reliable, affordable version.

RE: Nikon Z launched - davidmanze - 02-20-2019

Nikon announces new FW updates for the Z6/Z7..........coming in May 2019....

...........updates including eye detect in AF-S / AF-C............


.........Nikon has a huge advantage of Canon..........the ability to give video shooters the "whole shebang" in terms of video features...........while Canon continues to cripple it's ML in one way or another, no IBIS and cropped 4K....frame rates etc.......to protect it's video camara line.......(no secret of course).

In fact Canon's real trump card is their flip out screen.............. has it got some some patent protection?...........I know that other manufacturers have used it.....one of the Nikon D5000 series (and others)..........but was it under license and the manufacturer decide to pay the rights?

Every ML camera review asks the same question............"Why no flip out screen?".......... the competition concocts all sorts of weird and wonderful mechanisms to try and offer similar articulations.......Pentax moon landing module style......the Sony's A6400 flip up and over......Nikon's flip up and down only.

Canon will have to decide whether they want to deprive their ML cameras from features of their dedicated video range...........once and for all...

.............they can't rely solely on the flippy out screen........