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RE: Nikon Z launched - Brightcolours - 09-05-2018

I just said that I don't get why Nikon throttles the FPS speed. I am not much of a live stream watcher Wink, especially not for a system that has an EVF.

RE: Nikon Z launched - JJ_SO - 09-05-2018

BC, I'd remain careful. One day you'll grab one to try out, just out of curiosity. Canon did some pretty cool things on their first FF ML, if they use kind of the same EVF you get something very very close to OVF but with much better possibilities.

RE: Nikon Z launched - davidmanze - 09-06-2018

The first ML FF adopters will get the cameras with the most shortcomings.......they all look good in general...but they all fall short in something or another.....
.......it is best to wait three years and then go for it.........if you can resist to!

RE: Nikon Z launched - JJ_SO - 09-06-2018

Dave, if that only was true...

My takeaway is: If the hardware checks most boxes, buy, if not - firmware will not help against that.

I bought my Fuji X-T2 (which is no 1st throw of Fujifilm) two years ago. Waited 1/2 year until Capture One finally supported compressed RAW (and if I see LR developed Fuji pictures, I have to say it was good to wait). During that period, each RAW file I saved had 50 MB (from 24 MP - ridiculous...). There was never a possibility to save on one card normal RAW and on the other compressed RAW - so, the two slots were no help.While the comrpessed RAW are around 30MB. It's a differene if you need 5 or 3 hard drives to save and backup teh same number of pictures.

On the Fuji, I still find a couple of ergonomically relevant elements super quirky - that will not change, and with the X-T3 it's just and exactly the same. Kaizen at Fuji's is only software related, apparently.

Firmware versions: 3 major and a couple of bugfix versions. And still missing functions which could be done by the very same hardware - they still haven't discovered a reliably working way to create new folders... but they improved AF massively. Added new functions, some of them (focus stacking) to my surprise and very useful. Others remain horrible to use (no user settings, camera setting can't be transferred to SD card).

I decided to go Nikon ML because the hardware appears to be well thought, focusstacking is onboard, some things are well thought, others could be improved with lateron coming FW updates. Battery compatibility is already there probably the come to terms with a ebtter and real useful vertical grip (but I doubt so). For the first throw I can use all my lenses for DSLR, fully supported, quickly AF with the two I tried. Build quality is Nikon - no need to tell more. User settings - yes. State of the art EVF - yes. Tilt-swivel display - no. Touchscreen - yes... No more AF microadjustment - hell, yes! Silent shutter - yes.

Fujifilm had it's chance to convince me. Cute cameras, but still shortcomings. New GFX 50R could be interesting, but lenses... menus... accessories... somewhere else the grass is greener in my eyes.

RE: Nikon Z launched - davidmanze - 09-06-2018

Well as I said before JoJu, I wish you all the best with it!........the Nikon does look good and is nicely built, actually it solves one of my biggest pet hates, the viewfinder is well set well back from the display screen, keeping it nose grease clean........I wish the D500 had that.
It also has IBIS......worth it's weight in gold! (Strange decision by Canon to leave it out)

You know now the dust has settled with my lens calibrations, I rarely notice a miss, but not having to calibrate is a delice.

Battery life is down rated by this CPE (or whatever) rating.....many are getting 1,000 shots from a battery or more, this is just as well as there are apart from the battery no contacts to the camera so a vertical battery grip with functionalities will never be possible. (an error for sure)
I just hope that Nikon is not backward in coming forward with all the FW updates and look over Fuji's shoulder to see how it's done.

I guess it's easy for me as no other camera comes close to the D500 both in speed of shooting, speed of changing 4 modes AF on the fly instantly without your eye ever leaving the finder, apart from the D5/D850 I think no other camera can do that. Changing the AF on the D750 is a slow two handed affair (like most DSLRs), you just miss the moment changing.

There's no doubt Nikon will get there from what must be said is a pretty impressive piece of kit for something straight out of the gate!

RE: Nikon Z launched - toni-a - 09-06-2018

(09-06-2018, 04:40 PM)davidmanze Wrote: .
I guess it's easy for me as no other camera comes close to the D500 both in speed of shooting, speed of changing 4 modes AF on the fly instantly without your eye ever leaving the finder, apart from the D5/D850 I think no other camera can do that. Changing the AF on the D750 is a slow two handed affair (like most DSLRs), you just miss the moment changing.
Obviously you haven't tried 7D mkii ?

RE: Nikon Z launched - davidmanze - 09-06-2018

No, Tonia I've never shot Canon apart from my old Canon S80.

From what I can gather though unless I got it wrong from DPreview; the so called joystick, can toggle through seven modes of AF using the rear dial......thus necessitating a manoeuvre.....then a wheel turn...up to seven clics

The D500 can be configured to 4 modes of focus (out of eight I think).....in my case I have preset the back button focus to do single point focus, the FN1 button is configured to group, PV button does 3D mode, while the center button of the joystick does auto area mode.
As well the focus point can continue from where it was on the last mode......it's instant and seamless!
The buttons function like back button focus normally does, thus they activate AF as soon as whatever button is pressed, so you can go to 4 different modes instantly...one soul press....

..without having to joystick press rear wheel to choose.....two extra steps less than the Canon.

.....correct me if I have understood it wrongly........the 7D MKII is a very fine camera!

RE: Nikon Z launched - davidmanze - 09-23-2018

Lots of comments on utube about the 24-70mm F4 S zoom lens..............

.........but it's stock in trade is it has zero focus breathing........it's a video lens that isn't video expensive!

RE: Nikon Z launched - JJ_SO - 09-24-2018

YouTube comments... just tell me what you like to hear and I find you a dozen clips to confirm that. I also found a guy who said EOS R was a a slap in his face. Certain brand did everything wrong and everything just perfect, yawn. I re-discovered Kaiman Wong who also comes to some right and wrong conclusions but at least in a very entertaining and chaotic way.

Let's share a minute of condolent silence for those who put their living and existence into the hands of a very rich company which eventually will ask them for more money to be allowed to upload content. Smile

RE: Nikon Z launched - davidmanze - 09-24-2018

I not telling you anything other than....... in a utube review of the Z7 and the 24-70 F4S it was quite clear that when changing focus from a near person to a person further away.......ie. a typical interior film scene.

.........there was no change in the magnification of the background!

That to some video shooters, will be of serious interest to what is effectively an ordinary affordable fixed aperture standard zoom lens..... Nikon clearly had that in mind when designing the lens as it doesn't happen by accident.

Twenty minutes into the video.