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GH5S annnounced - Klaus - 01-08-2018

It has been a while in the rumor mill ...




Can I get that sensor in a smallish photo-centric camera, please? I'm tired of shooting in resolutions that I just don't need (for personal use).

GH5S annnounced - JJ_SO - 01-08-2018

Get a GoPro.


Big Grin

GH5S annnounced - Klaus - 01-09-2018

I don't need a noise generator with low DR.

GH5S annnounced - toni-a - 01-09-2018

That's clearly not a camera for photographers but a video camera except maybe some photojournalists maybe who just want to grab the shot, I don't see any of us here using this camera  

GH5S annnounced - toni-a - 01-11-2018

Checked thoroughly the specs, that's a killer video camera, even sensor  stabilization has been removed since in video other extra camera  stabilization devices are used and sensor stabilization affects image quality even when turned off, to name one video and non photo  feature.

SO definitely this is not a camera for photographers but for video