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Nikkor Z24-50 f4-6.3 launched - toni-a - 07-21-2020


Maybe it is the era extremes 

After the huge fast lenses it's the time for the tiniest lenses

RE: Nikkor Z24-50 f4-6.3 launched - Brightcolours - 07-21-2020

It kinda reminds me of 1980's "standard" zoom lenses designed for affordability, like my EF 35-70mm f3.5-4.5 A, but with even less speed. Similar restricted range, but the emphasis of going a bit wider and a bit less "long".

"And it does so with clarity, consistency and brightness that's all Z."

Clarity, I guess you can think of that as "contrast". Consistency... Yeah, with such small apertures, maybe vignetting is less (lens is stooped down by design) and the corners should be sharp.
But brightness?? Oddly enough they mean "less vignetting in corners due to the small aperture".

Cute, to see a lens for FF that normally was reserved for APS-C (lens is a 16-33mm f2.7-4.2 APS-C equivalent).

RE: Nikkor Z24-50 f4-6.3 launched - toni-a - 07-21-2020

Nikon themselves had Nikon 24-50f3.3-4.5...


Now I am almost sure the upcoming Canon 18-45 is a full frame lens

RE: Nikkor Z24-50 f4-6.3 launched - Rover - 08-01-2020

If Nikon was aiming for the most uninspiring lens ever, they've hit pretty close to home.

RE: Nikkor Z24-50 f4-6.3 launched - Klaus - 08-02-2020

Well, it's a cheap kit zoom lens. Neither the Sony 28-70mm f/3.5-5.6 OSS nor the Canon 24-105mm f/4-7.1 IS is especially thrilling.
I, for one, like the fact that it is small.

Nikon's bigger problem is that their lens lineup is, overall, not very inspiring.

RE: Nikkor Z24-50 f4-6.3 launched - davidmanze - 08-02-2020

Christopher Frost has reviewed the two Z50 kit lenses ..... 

 uninspiring in themselves it turns out they are excellent optically ........ tack sharp even to the corners ....... 

I would expect this 24-50mm to be the same ......

Christopher's ace card up his sleeve is, his ability to get sent an unbelievable amount of lenses for testing of all makes ...

...... he has also tested the Canon 85mm F1.2 "defocus smoothing"


We talked about slight harshness on the normal version .... this version is theeeee creamiest !!

RE: Nikkor Z24-50 f4-6.3 launched - Klaus - 08-02-2020

APS-C kit lenses are generally pretty sharp - despite their subpar reputation.
Full format is a bit of a different game.