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Yongnuo 40mm f2.8N - Brightcolours - 12-21-2017

Another Yongnuo Canon copy, for Nikon F-mount. 


Lens construction:


Lens construction Canon EF 40mm f2.8 STM:

[Image: construction.jpg]

Yongnuo 40mm f2.8N - Rover - 12-22-2017

This is rather daft of them, to copy a very new and current Canon lens. I can understand that in the realm of Abibas and Sonj everything is a bit muddled but they're somehow going to sell that out West too, innit...

One thing I'd like to learn is whether they managed to copy Canon's STM drive, or are they going to use the surplus coffee grinder motors again. Smile

Yongnuo 40mm f2.8N - Brightcolours - 12-22-2017

Indeed daft. Maybe they hope to avoid a fight with Canon by only bringing it for Nikon? Maybe they copy Nikon's AF-P  Big Grin

Yongnuo 40mm f2.8N - Rover - 12-22-2017

We'll see. I can just imagine the D850 users dying to stick this gem in their new precious cameras. Smile

Yongnuo 40mm f2.8N - JJ_SO - 12-22-2017

Naaah, we can't take that away from "winning team" collectors. Also, sone of us are still busy in figuring out the best 50/whatever or 35/don'tcare. Of course, all strictly manual focus and not handing over any EXIF. Data-protection. Can't be taken too seriously.


And my trash-shelf is already populated with old flashguns and gazillions of Apple proprietary cables and adapters. Besides, I find the name Yongnuo very unattractive.