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new Kowa lenses for MFT
New Kowa prominar lenses for MFT. Some of you may not be aware of Kowa but they are one of the biggest manufacturer of spotting scopes. Seems as if they are getting interested in the system lens market.

Kowa Prominar 8.5mm f/2.8
Kowa Prominar 12mm f/1.8
Kowa Prominar 25mm f/1.8

New MF-lenses again, but the 8.5 f2.8 seems very interesting - if price is not too high. 

1250 EUR ...

"WELVOM TO THE REAL WORLD"... Hmm, thanks, I guess, Kowa....

The 12mm f/1.8 will have a hard time against the excellent Samyang 12mm f/2.


And 1250EUR for the 8mm f/2.8 .. ?!

Saw some sample images from Samyang 12/2. Seemed to be a decentring defect. I am not so sure about the Samyang QC though my 85/1.4 is fine. 

Yeah, Samyang has grown too fast with negative effects on their QC.

Why so many 12f2 lenses ?

Quote:1250 EUR ...

Ebay $1200 USD:



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