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next PZ lens test report: Sigma 24-105mm f/4 HSM DG OS | A
Quote:It's less affected to front light than the faster Sigmas are.
Yep... it takes a little effort to produce flare Wink

[Image: morgenstern.jpg]

But hey, some flare is possible with any lens in the end.

So far I haven't shot much with it (I've been involved in other work again), but with the sun now out every day over here, I can't wait to use it a little more.

-- Markus

Will you also test the OSS (or copied Nikon VR Rolleyes ) ? I felt, the last VR versions of Nikon were a bit better than the OS of the 24-105, but I tried again and see a different result:

[Image: snapshot-113-L.jpg]


Larger version

[Image: snapshot-112-L.jpg]

Manual mode, 1/20 @ around 105mm and 1/30 @ around 70mm. Maybe I should also try the "active" mode of the Nikon, but so far I saw what I liked to see. Wink


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