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next PZ lens test report: Olympus M.Zuiko 12-50mm f/3.5-6.3 ED EZ
A bit pricey for what it does.


I call it "the reason I went with Fuji instead of Olympus". 


Trolling aside, I really can't understand why Olympus went this way. Power zoom is nice for video and weather sealing is great, but the size of the lens combined with the small apertures... It's barely a step up from the kit zoom. 


I would love to buy and use the 75mm, but until the company that built the 12-60mm zoom for 4/3 decides to release a high-grade zoom lens for M43, I'll be looking elsewhere.

It is somwehat embarrassing: a superb camera with a so-so kit len (EM5+the 12-50mm). Are this lens and the Pana 12-35mm the only choices of MFT lenses if you want to use the EM5 in a sandy/rainny enviroment?

Well, in mirrorless land these are pretty unique across all brands.

Will test the p14-42II next week.

      After producing the, it must be said,"beautiful" OM dslr with all it's great design,one would have thought that all their lenses would be at the same level, but with 6.9% distortion and very "so so" resolution at the borders, it only serves to dispel that belief. The 4/3rds system already struggles matching APSc sensors (and it doesn't!),it really needs all the help it can get, now it's image engine has to deal with huge distortions and all the compromises and inevitable degradations that go with it. Kinda reminds me of the 35mm half frame system, I saw little point in that either.
Exactly what I've expected, unafortunately.

I'm still waiting for a high quality zoom lens for m43.

My Nikon 18-105 is lightyears better than my Olympus 12-50 (Nikon 16-85 might be even better).

Unfortunately there is nothing like that in m43-land....

M43 is best for its primes...
Hum. I think the 14-45 by pasonic is suppose to be the lens most people recommend as the best 'kit' zoom.  From forums it is definitely better than the 12-50. Anyways most of the zooms are kind of sucky - though I hear good things good things about the 35-100 and hopefully the 45-175 will turn out decent.


But yea I said the same thing most of you are saying about the 12-50; kind of sucks - not sure if it is due to size constraint (it is a bit smaller than the 12-60) or whatever.


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