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Easy to guess...
I'm also honestly curious about the results, haven't processed the MTFs yet.


I still love the look and feeling of the ZF lenses... and still prefer them over Milvus and Otus lenses.


Oh, btw.: thanks, JoJu, for clearly pointing out the perception issue with the cut-off charts. I have to admit that the spontaneous change on the chart yesterday definitely gets the message across much better. So, in all FX (and one XF) reviews where the values exceed our usual scale, I'll update the charts in the same way.


Lukewarm as I am to the Zeiss lenses, I was curious why no one had tested the 35/1.4 (which was a fairly modern design, AFAIK, unlike something like 50/1.4 or 85/1.4 non-Milvus). Now I see you're going to rectify that.I hope the resolution bars go through the roof in a similar way after all... I can understand it's no Sigma Art but maybe by f/4'ish...  Rolleyes


A line of advice if you pardon me: for a bit of drama next time around, hide the focal length and some people may start thinking they're about to be treated to an OTUS review. Smile

And I would suggest to post as "Klaus", to confuse everybody  Big Grin


As for the diagrams/charts: I had to learn to check graphics, drawings and pictures carefully if they show what I tell in a text. Even if I tell in a text "itighten only four screws instead of the shown 8" - it doesn't matter. Either text or graphic, but if I need to use both, none must confuse a reader. 

Quote:Bingo! Wink


@JoJu: better? Wink

-- Markus
much better!
Quote:That's a valid claim, but when we initially set the scale, we honestly did not expect many lenses to go well beyond 2.1 stops. And to maintain comparability with other reviews, I don't really want to change the scale.

-- Markus

You could keep the scale and just have the bar stick out (beyond the scale) at the top.


Ooops, just saw you did just that. I like it. Wink


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