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Next PZ lens test report: Nikkor AF-S 50mm f/1.8 G (FX)
[quote name='joachim' timestamp='1306915500' post='8975']

Cool, thanks I look forward to this.

A possible improvement for photozone in the future, might be to connect tests of the same lens on different platforms (FF vs APS-C, different mounts). Even if a given lens has not been tested on the platform an individual user is most interested in, a test on another platform gives some guidance whether this is a total lemon or not - something which performs well on Nikon FF is unlikely to be a total dog on Nikon APS-C.


Something performing well on Nikon FF is unlikely to be a total dog on Canon FF, Sony FF. Something performing well on Canon APS-C/FF is unlikely to be a total dog on Nikon APS-C, Pentax APS-C, Sony APS-C.

And so on, and so on...
Minor update to the review: added an image that shows AF-D 50 and AF-S 50 side-by-side, to illustrate the increased size.

-- Markus

[quote name='ben4345' timestamp='1306718965' post='8922']

Just see if you can find some difficult/ busy back rounds that you can find. And how the new 50mm 1.8G handles them. If possible, do some side by side test with the other 50mm lenses that you have.


Sorry, Ben, unfortunately I wasn't able to shoot such subjects and the lens went to a new home yesterday.

However, I'm sure we'll see lots of sample images online soon, since the lens seems to be widely available now (or in the next few days).

-- Markus


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