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Imaging Resource's CP+ 2018 interview
Is here:

They're talking about the accelerator, about the AF improvements, the dynamic pixel shift. They're restating they are (were) working on a new APS-C flagship. APS-C and FF are equally important, but some FF lenses are badly needed.

P.S. One year after those silly rumors, and Pentax still has a future. A DSLR future.
Good to see that the K1's AF-C performance improvements were a reality!

Sad to hear Pentax isn't upping the ante on the FF lens front.

Mirror-less..Nothing to report! .......I don't think you need to be a brain surgeon to deduce that Pentax were underlining the fact that they are not going there....probably ever!

Nothing new for the 645Z....

...the Q's production is finished except for lenses....(maybe they have all the remaining parts to shift)

It's a bit like outer space.....a few bits here and there.......but overall mostly nothing!

But where there's life there's hope!................(I think)
Dave's clichés
"ever" is a long time. Some said this about the FF... yet here it is. I would say, "for the foreseeable future".

The Q is an interesting case... still in production? That means they're not clearing stocks to kill it for good?
Video review of the K1 II !

It turns out that the hand-held pixel shift is not pixel shift at's just image stacking!
Dave's clichés
It's pixel shake Wink

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