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Nikon announced ..
Quote:Well seems Nikon 1 is not dead and Nikon investing inside

Several of these patents could be used in "premium" digicams.


Nikon has some yummy stuff there ... I am really tempted by the DL 18-50mm f/1.8-2.8 for instance.


However, all these cameras have been delayed due to aftermath of this year's earthquake in JP.

Not alone. There are also problems with the circuit boards. Other factories also got their sensors from Sony, Nikon has more probs with the DL line - did they show them on photokina? I lost a bit track.

Haven't heard anything.

#44 (sensor related) (circuit board related)
Well Nikon seem to be preparing two new lenses

PC 19f4 tilt and shift plus a new 70-200f2.8 VR

They arrived late for photokina but never too late

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