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Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100
Quote:I don't like the fact it doesn't use the whole 4/3 surface...

Had it been covering the whole 4/3 sensor (in the same size package), I'd have bought it in heartbeat!
It would not be possible, see image of lens comparison on this page:

<p style="margin-left:40px;">[Image: lens-size-comparison-001.jpg?v=2956]

<p style="margin-left:40px;"> 


Using the whole sensor would be result in a much larger (and presumably more expensive) package.


Pana marketing should have just called it the revolutionary micro-micro-4/3 sensor! instead of pointing out that it's actually just a slightly cropped regular micro-4/3 sensor.  That would avoid the inevitable but pointless grumbling that it's not using the WHOLE micro-4/3 sensor. 


It's a compelling package as is:

<p style="margin-left:40px;">[Image: Equiv_Ap-001.png?v=2956]

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