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7D > 70D?
A little update with some specification of different viewers:


<p class="">Brightcolours: Thanks for pointing out the significance of eyepoint!

<p class=""> 

<p class="">I wanted to add that I like the FOV with the cropped sensor. At least Canon is putting pretty good viewers on the prosumer versions of there APS-C sensor offerings. There are pros and cons to this format, and it is a lower cost format, but choosing it does not mean that I don’t want a competent viewfinder. I came across the following quote while looking up “Eyepoint” and it says something I believe, and puts it better than I could.

<p class=""> 

<p class="">“The viewfinder is the single most important user interface on any camera. Throughout the history of cameras, the method of aiming the camera accurately and communicating its view to the operator is what has determined and defined most different basic camera types.

<p class=""> 

<p class="">Yet the viewfinder is perhaps the single most fudged and botched aspect of today's 35mm SLRs...”

<p class="">  -Mike Johnston,

<p class="">  Luminous Landscape

<p class=""> 

<p class="">I went on to read the article, and I have to say, I came away thinking that I knew less. Which is probably a good thing. But here are the metrics for the cameras discussed. The 70D is looking better, and better. Meanwhile I have another camera on indefinite loan, so I don’t have to go through camera withdrawals while I try to allocate new funds for a new camera. I guess I will see what the 20D specs are and add them (for a historical perspective on an early prosumer grade APS-C offering).

<p class=""> 

<p class=""> 

<p class="">7D Viewfinder

<p class="">Pentaprism

<p class="">100% frame coverage

<p class="">Approx. 1.0x maginification

<p class="">Eyepoint: 22 mm

<p class=""> 

<p class="">70D Viewfinder

<p class="">Pentaprism

<p class="">98% Coverage

<p class="">0.95x magnification

<p class="">Eyepoint: 22mm

<p class=""> 

<p class="">T1i Viewfinder

<p class="">Pentamirror

<p class="">98% coverage

<p class="">0.87x magnification

<p class="">Eyepoint: 19mm

<p class=""> 

<p class="">20D Viewfinder

<p class=""> Pentaprism

<p class="">• 95% frame coverage

<p class="">• Magnification: 0.9x

<p class="">• Eyepoint: 20 mm


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