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Took them a while ... a new tele converter from Pentax
Quote:Ever heard of updates ? :-)

e.g. most of the lenses still don't have a SDM drive (not that I'd care personally).

And as Spinifex mentioned - some also need a fresh optical design.


In any case they need to show that they're still there. 

Admittedly this is difficult at a time when the whole industry is seeing a sharp downturn and over-capacities (on the camera side at least).
We've heard of updates of course, we've also heard of bankruptcies and that is what Ricoh is trying to avoid with Pentax, A small company like Pentax cannot afford to bring out a range of new zooms and exotic glass at a stroke and stay solvent. So it's softly softly catchy monkey. I understand of course, that as a lens tester it's nice to be showered by new glass.

 Some see Pentax as a half empty glass, I see it as half full!
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Took them a while ... a new tele converter from Pentax - by davidmanze - 02-07-2014, 11:11 AM

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