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Tribute to an oldie, a cheapie,a simpleton, but a goodie!
 OK, I was with Nikon several years ago, I think I had an FT3 and that had Ai , I kept it right up to digital ( loads of years not buying cameras, those were the days) I was perfectly happy with split  screens and MF, Well looks like you've got yourself a nice lens for the money, look forward to seeing a couple of shots!

Quote:well, I guess the weight from that link is just wrong. Smile

Probably your lens is pretty similar to the earlier 50mm f4 designs, so it would be like this:

[Image: Super-Multi-Coated_MACRO-TAKUMAR_50_4_optics.jpg]


About my "new" Nikkor, no the "K" does not mean K-mount. It is a generational "nick name" which I do not know the origin from.

First, Nikkor F-mount lenses were just that, F-mount. They were all metal including the focus ring (and zoom ring if applicable). Then came redesigned lenses with rubber focus/zoom rings. Then a change came in aperture communication, known as "Ai". Soon after came a slight change of that, called Ai-S. So in the Nikon F-mount world there are 4 groups of MF lenses: Ai and Ai-S, and two pre-Ai types. The first is just referred to as "pre-Ai" or "non-Ai", the latter referred to as "pre-Ai K-version".
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Tribute to an oldie, a cheapie,a simpleton, but a goodie! - by davidmanze - 01-21-2014, 09:09 PM

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