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2 big aperture F-mount Nikkors
Left my Nikkor-H Auto 85mm f1.8, on the right my Nikkor-S•C Auto 50mm f1.2. 

[Image: 4584E3E3A96D49929EAC05FF5A58D2E1.jpg]

They have almost the same size. The 85mm is a bit taller. Both have a 52mm filter thread. Both weigh the same also: 420 grams. Both also have a similar max. aperture:  47.2mm vs 45.8mm respectively. 


I really like the 85mm, it renders really nicely. Only at f1.8 it likes to radiate around bright objects, due to the primitive coatings (but that cleans up well when stopped down to f2.8 already), in daylight. The lens feels well made, only the aperture ring feels cheap when operated.


The 55mm feels a bit less "cheap" in its aperture ring operation, but other pre-AI lenses can feel better in that respect, and my Ai-S lens has a nicer feel to the aperture operation too. The multilayer coatings of the S•C version do make a difference, way less "blooming" around bright subjects than the 85mm wide open. By the way, this is the 1st Nikkor lens which got the multilayer coating on all surface to air surfaces. The 85mm has been produced for a short while as "H•C" version too, probably a worthwhile lens to pursue.


My new Voigtländer 20mm f3.5 SL II N ... has an "N" added to its name (on the box, not on the lens, where even the "II" is not mentioned). The new N version has changed the distance markings in red to distance markings in yellow, and the focus ring has gotten a scalloped finish. It now resembles/matches the Nikon F lenses (prior to the "K" period) very nicely:


[Image: 327125FC684947E5B5B9478F5320D58E.jpg]

Of course, the Canon version of this Voigtländer lacks the aperture ring, but the Nikon version would be a perfect match, visually Wink .


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