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Olympus 12mm f/2 poor copy
Quote:Thanks for the confirmation.


I read about that on Jordan Steele's blog Admiring Light (pretty good one, btw).


Basically, he went through 3 samples to get a good one.

Shame to read that again. His review had severely put me off at the time and still does.

The 12-40 f/2.8 might change things a little, although it's not exactly a low profile lens.
Thanks Sylvain.  Here is another review involving an exchange.  It is by Ctein at The Online Photographer.


I just don't understand why Olympus can't get its quality control for this lens working.  It is such a beautiful lens and  design, with excellent image quality, if you get a good copy.  There is no excuse for the lack of quality control, especially when you consder how expensive it is.

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