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New lens: Leica DG Nocticron 42.5mm f/1.2
Quote:That Mini M and Nano M did not actually happen, did it?


About the Nocticron... The name, oh well... There was a time when all manufacturers were making up such silly names for their lenses (I have a Helioplan, a Solinar, a Delfinor, a Lattar, a Maginon, a Projar and a Talon :wacko:  ). Just silly that Leica (and Zeiss) can't seem to stop that silliness. 


A nice short portrait lens, a 85mm f2.4 FF equivalent. But probably at a much higher price than a 85mm f1.8 from Canon or Nikon (for FF). 

It does give an advantage over APS-C. But I am more of a 135mm (FF) fan for portraits.
Given its niche, it's probably enough for all except the most diehard shallow DOF seekers (and those wouldn't be on µ4/3 anyways). Even "2.4" at that size seems like a deal (price-wise probably not really, though). But for those already invested in µ4/3 gear, probably a good idea.


Agreed re: the name though, seems pretty goofy. Looks like they desperately needed to distinguish it from the Summilux (1.4) lenses, and its' not quite Noctilux fast yet.


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