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15mm f8 body cap
Quote:Agreed with Klaus.  It's too mediocre to be interesting, regardless of the price. The killing part for me is the fixed aperture. If at least it was f/5.6, but the aperture is fixed to f/8 which is way to much for MFT and useless in anything but bright light.


Finally, one can get the excellent Panasonic 14mm f/2.5 which offers roughly the same focal length and it can be had for 175 USD on ebay (just got one)! In comparison the body cap lens is quite a crappy value.

I wouldn't say the 15/8 is pointless.  There are a number of interesting pictures out there taken with this.  It sort of converts your mFT into a Lomo.  Whether you are interested in this type of photography is a personal matter. 


However I agree that there is not much point in testing the lens to PZ review standards (however some of the major lens review sites have done so).  This lens is neither designed nor marketed as a resolution king.

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