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MFT and flash photography
It depends on the indoor situation, I'd say. Toni, you just have not much experience with fast lenses (and then you need to let the zooms go, which can be a real problem) but I would not agree on "indoor events and for those using a flash is a must" - on the contrary, getting flashed in the face while dancing led me to some very harsh words towards the photographing idiot. "But I have to, there's not enough light" was his answer. "Then learn to do better - if I can, others can do as well".


However, it's another discussion. Just recently I bought a Metz 400 in the Fuji-version. Tiny yet powerful, although there's simply no IR-AF-assist beam like they claim. For me the best small flash is the Nikon SB500. In addition to that one I got a Metz CT52-2 (for Nikon), bulky, but doing alright. I don't expect much from this tiny lamps, mainly I want to be able to add some light and use HSS flash.


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