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EVF how do they compare
Please comment when you recieve your em-5; in the usa they are already being delivered for those who preorder so you should have it soon ...

[quote name='Sylvain' timestamp='1334496914' post='17525']

I haven't much experience with them yet but I have peeked through the VF-2 & G1,G3 evf a while ago.

One notable difference between the VF-2 & panasonics are that the VF-2 is pretty much a mini lcd (the image is built with a conventional rgb pixel matrix) while the panasonic are field sequential.

"Large, bright electronic viewfinder (1.4x magnification, 0.7x FF equiv). The viewfinder uses a field sequential system that mixes red, green and blue images shown sequentially at 60fps, giving an effective viewfinder resolution of 1.4 million dots at 180 fps. "

So you achieve, on paper, the same resolution than Olympus.

This in effect gives the colour tearing "rainbow effect" when moving about. I do remember this effect and not liking these finders so much but they do the job most of the time and their size was decent IIRC (they are larger than Olympus 0.71 vs 0.58). I preferred the VF-2 but was completely turned off by its huge size for a clip on accessory.

Can't comment on the Sony's, but they're said to be a good notch above : large view, not sequential, higher resolution. I'm glad I haven't tried any yet. It would be painful <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/wink.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt='Wink' />.




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