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The new M.Zuikos
[quote name='Sylvain' timestamp='1328719202' post='15708']

I think I read they were still mock. Maybe, maybe there is hope they'll add the manual focus clutch on that 75mm f/1.8, because after all, it seems it's marketed as the m.zuiko 12mm sibling.

As much as I salute their pretty innovations, Olympus STILL is a bit messy with their line-up thinking.


If you add the Panasonic line-up it is not that bad. If they were only fixing the "rattle snake" problem with the 25/1.4. The lens will not do this on Lumix bodies.

Considering the MF clutch on the 12mm, it is a clutch, at least on the P1. It will not bring up the focus magnifier automatically, but is just for scale focussing. If you want MF to bring up the automatic magnifier you need to switch the body to MF like with any other lens <img src='<#EMO_DIR#>/ohmy.gif' class='bbc_emoticon' alt=':o' /> In the manual they even recommend to stop the lens down when using it. I understand from web reviews it is not a mechanical link but still "focus by wire". Based on my experience with the 12/2, I would not expect the "clutch" on the 75mm, since scale focussing the 75mm doesn't make much sense I am afraid.

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