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Pentax D FA* 50mm f/1.4 - development annoucement
        Pentax is a brand that played a huge part in my life.........right from my Pentax that time the M42 screw mount ruled the roost, as young not so rich hippies, this standard mount was so ubiquitous you could just grab a mates 135mm tele lens at a party and snap away with it, everyone had that mount!   So Pentax has gone from having the easiest lens mounts to find for your one of the rarest out there with Pentax's output at around a lens every two years. 
    This is where the perception of Pentax changed......from the easiest to find their now 'hens teeth range"

  The question is what went wrong?   
       Who within Pentax decided to go the cheaper route and let Canon and Nikon take the professional market share with a fully equipped range of lenses, flashes and accessories.  In the meantime Pentax decides to do away with it's premium lenses, like the FA 600, the FA 200-400mm F5.6......Pentax had great the real actual world!!  

  So Kunsite, I don't want to take the "jam" out of your doughnut..... but I do want to see things in perspective, Pentax had it all....the lot!  but they blew it, somebody who was at the helm at that time made a spectacular job of effing up one of the most successful camera companies in the world....."from riches to rags".
   So no, I don't feel in the slightest bit guilty expressing how I feel Pentax is behaving and towards it's new (FF) customers, at this point in time in the industry it is obvious we are at a ML crossroads, where the DSLR will play a more and more insignificant market role........and Pentax in it's infinite wisdom decides that one FF lens every two years will get the job done!........ML will just steamroller the market before Pentax has a chance to delay it's next DA 85mm portrait lens.(can you believe that Pentax hasn't a current  85mm portrait optic?).

   The latest FF DSLR offering the K1 II, promised super low noise at crazy ISOs, with hand held pixel shift and an accelerator chip......all in all a minor update, but an update nonetheless........
         ...unfortunately, it turns out when DPReview tests the camera they find that this accelerator chip produces smearing and a sort of chequered banding, it's a downgrade and there's no way to turn off the obligatory noise reduction from 400 ISO up that in fact reduces detail......the hand held pixel shift was a sneaky trick, it isn't PS at all, merely stabilized camera image stacking, slow and with little IQ improvement  ......the AF-C has by all accounts seen improvements however!

DPR recommended the Mk I model for astro-photography and where detail is king.

Does anybody understand Pentax's business philosophy?

      .......Pentax has now been bailed out twice..........

       ..........well, you know what they say?    

      .........................third time and your out!!!!
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