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Nikon mirrorless system end of the month ???
(07-09-2018, 10:35 AM)obican Wrote:
(07-09-2018, 09:55 AM)davidmanze Wrote: The question is will the new Nikon ML have an aperture lever?

Don't think even Nikon is that stupid to use a mechanical aperture lever in 2018 in a new camera.

In any case, Nikon's FT1 adapter for Nikon 1 series had an aperture lever. Don't think they'll exclude that feature from their new system.
  Think again obican!

Is it that stupid to have two aperture systems like pro-summer Nikon DSLRs do? (D500/D5/D850/D750 etc........... I think not, you can use both types of lenses!

  These are the other choices!

  1. Hope and plead that Nikon brings out an adapter which has a mechanism that converts E type bodies to suit mechanical F type order to use your G series lenses with perfect automations.

 3. Cry when they don't and go through a series cheapo adapters that hardly work.

 2. Pace up and down for five years waiting for Nikon to have something resembling a half decent ML lens range., whilst gazing at Sony's glass in the local camera shop window!

 3. Thank the Lord that you stuck with your old D series lenses and buy a $15 Chinese dumb adapter and carry on shooting like nothing has happened as happy as a lamb.
 4. Take up basket weaving!
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