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Nikon mirrorless system end of the month ???
First and foremost: Sony didn't have as much lenses to support than Canon or Nikon. The old Minolta lenses? Which of these had an USM drive? The Sony A-mount lenses (same question)? EOS (again)? Why do you think, Nikon is making more and more lenses with electronically driven aperture? The ML project is not in the making since last week...

And why the heck are you worrying about what will happen with a Nikon mirrorless? Aren't you in the Canon department? And? What's going on there? Can we talk again about "complete systems" the day Canon lets their mirrorless tigers out of the cage?

I never tried the FT1 on a 1-series body with current lenses, but Studor13 appeared to be quite happy with. Let's face it: In 70% of all scenarios CDAF can do and is spot on in terms of sharpness. They already rumor the number of focus points (something over 400) which is not very close to Sony, but it's a start - and it's an even better coverage than any DSLR can deliver.

When I switch to LiveView, my DSLRs remain to be a DSLR with all the mirror ballet (except in silent shutter mode). It would be super stupid to make a better (=faster) LiveView AF than the PDAF of a DSLR - in a DLSR, that is. I find this attitude of talking an unreleased camera down to s**t pretty disgusting. You know well the long ways Fuji, Olympus and Sony had to go to get decently fast AF - but now they have it, even continuous AF which is much harder to design apparently. How long did it take Canon to bring out a high MP sensor and how slow is that one compared to a D850? Canon introduced some interesting sensors lately. It will be very interesting how much of their features they can bring to market.

And that a genuine adapter at least at the start of a new system is better than anything else, is as normal as the fact that third-party companies will evolve. I don't know why you're making such an issue out of that competition fact.

You judge and judge and judge about a lot of unknown specs. I'll wait until the baby is born.

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