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MTF chart for the new Samyang 45/1.8
I also own the 50 mm Art - and it's in rather good condition because I usually decide to go lighter and smaller with the 35 mm Art. I know it's not as good as the 50 mm, but the 50 mm is not as good as the 40 mm I recently tried. And I'm on the same page - I really like the quality coming out of these glass colossuses, it just don't saves that much weight. The 40 mm Art is only 200 grams lighter than the 50 and 35 together. I haven't seen a comparison between the Nikon 5/1.8 S (currently around 500.- because of instant rebates) for the Z series and the 40 mm Art (or the 35/1.8 S).

Right now, I stopped buying into more Z glass as there's not much interesting FLs available which I haven't covered by other lenses. Yes, the Sigma 14-24 is much heavier than the 14-30/4 S - but when it comes to distortion, I prefer to carry more weight and need less software correction. I can use the Sigmas on all cameras I own while Z glass might be lost investment.

That was my reason to point out MTFs are not everything. No need to wait for lens correction profiles has also it's value.

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