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A surprise visitor in the test lab today :)
  Ah...did it just roll in blown by the wind?


   It's made quite a few waves already,  expensive, big, cited as a bit plasticy in finish and made in China!


  Initial changed images from the lens on Flickr were controversial...


 Roger Cicala of Lens Rentals did a strip down after finding dust in the lens, Nikon's advertising blurb stated it had a "direct-drive ring motor with no gears".

  Roger found a small ceramic HF motor driving white nylon gears and published his report....Nikon's blurb department retracted that publicity within 24 hours!!


  The images published on DPreview's Nikon lens page showed beautiful punchy sharp images with melting blurring, although it does have a tendency to bubble bokeh against background foliage!


  So it got off to a shaky start...but it's one hell of  a lens!

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A surprise visitor in the test lab today :) - by davidmanze - 12-16-2016, 05:26 AM

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