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Lenstip review of Olympus 12-45 f4.0 pro
I just saw one of these in the wild yesterday, it really is tiny. The user... The city's (joint) top photographer, Dmitry Lovetsky of Associated Press. Smile He's into m4/3 to the point I rarely see him with DSLR (Canon 1DX Mark 2 most recently) gear. He also uses a 75-300 Olympus lens, and before apparently getting one, he was adapting a Canon 100-400 (first gen no less) to 4/3.

Looks like that 12-45 is great for working from the top of a 4m monopod. Smile

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RE: Lenstip review of Olympus 12-45 f4.0 pro - by Rover - 06-19-2020, 07:12 AM

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