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Automated Webcam Application / Hardware Problems
There are 2 different ways to go about it, and which one fits you best, only you can decide after research.
You can use cameras with their webcam driver/software, and your software has to use your computer's operating system's webcam API. This will probably give you access to a highly compressed video stream, not the best source for (very?) high quality still images, and maybe JPEG access.

Or, you can ditch the "webcam" idea, and use a camera manufacturer's SDK with APIs to control the camera, which will give you access to full resolution images if needed, in JPEG, HEIF (some newer Canon cameras) and even RAW format. Canon has a rather comprehensive SDK, not sure about how comprehensive Nikon's SDK is.

You also have to take special care on choosing a camera. Does the camera model, in combination with the SDK or webcam software, offer the function you are after (remote stills capture)? And is there a way/accessory to power the camera continuously (camera batteries run out rather quickly, so does not really sound like an option)? Also, the camera will "fall asleep" when used as remote stills camera. How quickly will it be awake when talked to by the software again? Lots of research then, for you.

There is even a 3rd way, Canon for instance offers remote camera software to control the camera tethered via USB (Canon Utility) or WiFi. You may be able to automate the control of such software, for instance (if you use Mac OS,

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