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Nikon Z9
(03-11-2021, 12:24 AM)you2 Wrote:
(03-10-2021, 12:02 PM)Klaus Wrote: In the economic climate that the camera market resides in, it just doesn't make any sense to maintain more than one system.

While I mostly agree - in this case if Nikon introduced another mirror body they would be maintaining existing customers - this isn't quite the same as developing a line of new lens/camera technology in hope of attracting customers. 

To be honest I think Nikon waited too long to switch and is likely to dissipate in the relatively near future. Canon is on better footing since cameras dept was much smaller relative to the size of the company overall health.

But to be honest we will know for sure when the future arrives.

     I agree, the number of MLCs out there at this time from "Canikon" compared to the overall quantity of existing working DSLRs is relatively small ...... so the modest DSLR user with a small collection of glass may not want to ditch his system and stump up $2-4,000 just to add one or two lenses to his collection ....... his money is likely earmarked for the Iphone 22.
 ...... not to mention how Canikon will be eager to clear their existing stocks of cameras and lenses from warehouses and transform it into useful cash ...... 
..... so the DSLR market albeit soon doomed , still has a transitional period which Canikon needs at this time to recuperate their previous production investments.

...... let's face it, camera companies will be looking at every which way to bring money into their coffers!
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