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Cool Canon EOS R5 modification from Kolari Vision
(06-23-2021, 03:36 PM)wim Wrote:
(06-23-2021, 12:51 PM)davidmanze Wrote:  Are you saying that even if the camera malfunctions due to a faulty sensor/card slot/ shutter ......... "or any other failure unconnected to the conversion" Kolar vision will pay for it out of their own pocket ??
   If that's the case (which I'm sure it isn't) ....... don't expect them to stay in business too long ........

 The question was: 

 Will Canon honour their guarantee on a Kolar vision modified R5 camera ??
Kolari is a very well respected company, which has been doing very successful IR conversions of many types of cameras for many years already, with very good service.
This is a minor conversion compared to those IR ones, where you'd have to take apart the sensor elements, and take the camera apart much further than the heat shield, which, BTW, is overkill, relatively speaking, compared to what a bunch of sites have suggested for you to do. Plus, you can be sure it is done by professionals.

Basically Kolari, as a US company, offers the same warranty as Canon offers, on the entire camera, not just the conversion or addition.

You are a little too sceptical/cynical here, David ...

Kind regards, Wim

If that's the case then it's a bargain !! ............ btw ..... pessimists are rarely disappointed ...............
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