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Next OL lens test report: Nikkor Z 50mm f/1.8 S (FX)
(10-04-2021, 03:10 PM)you2 Wrote: Ouch $600 for a 50f1.8 these days. As to lack of perfection I saw two areas in the review; high vignetting for a 50 and bokeh fringing. We could argue that other 50's have similar or worse vignetting but at $600 I would expect a bit of over-engineering in the diameter to reduce it a bit. I mean it isn't like they have to worry about weight since the lens already weighs 420g. I mean it is a nice lens but I can buy a lot of guppies for $600. Btw bit surprise the price/performance is 5 stars given the price - or maybe things are just expensive in nikon world.

The vignetting is mostly a product of the sensor and the angle the light hits the microlenses at f1.8, rather than an under engineered diameter.

The (worse) Sony 55mm f1.8 costs more in Sony world....

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