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Nikon Z9 claims to have no rolling shutter ??
Nit just dpr says "60 Hz"... I don't think that a bit higher resolution view finder with a higher refresh rate makes for a better sports camera... Of course, higher than 60 Hz is easier on the eyes. But, with LCDs a lower refresh rate is not that bad as it used to be with CRT screens (yeah i am that old).
But bit more important is the AF, the subject tracking. Which Nikon appears to have nailed with the Z9.

Maybe the Z9 has a 120 Hz refresh rate for its EVF, and a 60hz refresh rate for the live view using the EVF. That means easy on the eyes anyway?

The Canon EVFs have a high res., but don't use it all the time. The Nikon EVF is the brightest, according to Nikon. It probably will be a very nice sports and high res. camera.

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