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Rotating sensors are a reality now
(05-25-2022, 07:38 PM)toni-a Wrote: EOS R7 has a rotating sensor: yes it can correct slight tilt not by cropping but by rotating the sensor, which IMHO a great addition.
Hopefully we will see a sensor capable of rotating 90 degrees, that would be extremely handy, especially for shooting in portrait mode with hot shoe speedlite bounced

 As Klaus has said it started with Pentax with the K10 which had three axis stabilization then the K5II had increased that to 5 axis which could rotate the sensor to a certain degree for auto horizon leveling etc. ....... however that's a long way from being able to rotate the sensor 90°.
 I had the astrotracer for reducing star trails ....... depending on the focal length you could eliminate star trails with wide angle shot for up to nearly a minute and a half ....... telephoto less so ........ of course any trees or terrestrial objects showed movement/blurring in the image as the sensor followed the rotation of the earth.  It was an electronic version of the barn door tracker to which it didn't quite match due to the limited travel of the moving sensor, it was however, a good introduction to astro-photography.
  Pentax squeezed every last feature out of their SR system including their trick of moving the sensor very slightly to soften the image as the shutter opened as an anti aliasing feature because the sensor didn't have an AA filter.  ......... while not forgetting image stacking which moved the sensor by one pixel during four images for better detail sharpness and colour ....... all of which has been taken on board by other manufacturers.

  Clever but no 90°rotating cigar!
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