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Next PZ lens test report: Nikon AF-S 35mm f/1.8 G (on FX)
Absolutely fair enough Markus......Just a couple of points.


 As far as I'm aware these companies are not HK based, they are in Europe, but source direct by order from HK, VAT is paid!


   I  know someone at Pentax from service just as a customer, when I was after a K3 I rang the guy and he spoke to his marketing manager who sent me the link to "" where the same situation existed with the K3 at a lower price, when I enquired as to the guarantee situation I was assured by Pentax it was guaranteed for two years. 6 months later after several machine gun shutter/mirror problems and the card slots going dead I returned the K3 where a complete new board was replaced, no problems. The marketing manager also threw in a 99€ "Flucard" for my trouble.

 Nikon....before buying the D750 from "Priceminister" I sent the link to Nikon France asking what was the guarantee situation, they replied two years using the date on the receipt of purchase.

Tamron....Purinadigital......I purchased the 150-600 and found it to be de-centered, I contacted Purinadigital and was given an address repair center in France where they would check it's condition, two days later they said they would send me another and returned my postage, a few days later I received the lens. They always claimed a 2 year guarantee and said they were a "European co". that ordered direct from Asia, so there was no customs duty involved...(for me to pay)

 I say this because so far I have saved 500€ on the Nikon, 300€ on the K3 and 275€ on the Tamron, that's 1075€!  I am not a rich man nor have any income!


Nikon USA have a particularly ferocious policy in the States and I would "not" risk a grey product from them, but Europe has it's own laws and EU companies have to abide by them........I am however no lawyer.


 Would I buy a the Tamron 35 at 576€ from Purinadigital?..........absolutely.


 Here the trees only drop leaves in winter....never money!



Two small shortfalls, the K3 came without a printed manual and a copied CD in German, I downloaded the manual on line. The Nikon didn't have the printed manual!

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