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Project...Bokeh Monster...Pentacon 135mm F2.8 ..."15 Blades" Zebra.
Quote: Isn' it 46.5- 45.46 =  1.04mm + 0.9mm = 1.94mm?....anyway...


   The first step will be to try the lens on the Nikon with the adapter that has the 0.9mm flange in between the lens and the camera mount and we will see what I've got...........from what I've read though I can expect a 5mt MFD......on a 135mm lens that's head and shoulders shots.......fairly constricting....and not what I had in mind......I would like to do the odd video as well........and "bathe" in that lovely transition between close focus and then focusing out to infinity with the lens fully open to reveal those otherwise mysterious backdrops.


   Plan "A" is still on!
Yes, of course 1.94mm. You are right.


MFD stands for minimum focus distance.  Wink


Of course, when you want to do what you describe, it is necessary to reach infinity. And I can't offer a trade for my 135mm f2.8 "K" Nikkor, as it has super smooth bokeh at MFD but further out it starts to be less than smooth by all accounts. And it does not have those sexy zebra stripes and no 15 aperture blades! And it would need Ai-ing anyway.


I get a further maximum focus distance though.

For 135mm and 200m focus distance I get a 1:1480 magnification. Using that magnification number in this calculator, and using 1.94mm as extension amount:

I get 9.2m maximum focus distance. So I guess it will be about 9.5 meters.


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