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Next PZ lens test report: Sigma AF 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM | A ("Art")
Studor13, I know, there's more than only the rubber gasket - but the 14-24 is a very good sample of being called weather sealed - freezing temperature and thawing it up slowly with probably no water inside the lens is one thing, and I think a lot of lenses can perform that exercise.


Photographing with the lens and AF in such conditions is another. While the front lens of the 14-24 is a magnet to water drops and a huge gap round the lens leaves the question weather there's a kind of seal inside - or not. Also, if it come stop seals, they do have an expiration date like any normal bicycle inner tube as well.


Both 24-105/120 have inner tubes (others than a bicycle, but still...) coming out. If anybody trusts those tubes to wipe away all drops before gliding in, please tell, better: show me. That's the bit when a rubber gasket is becoming nice cosmetics. A lot of lenses withstand some kind of raindrops easily. If it's pouring down, I can quickly see which really ARE selaed. Not much, I'd say. Couple of Pentax, Fuji, most professional grade Olympus, but after that come the grey zone in which one needs a bit of luck.


Or an umbrella.  Big Grin


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