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positively impressed with Canon 18-55 STM
I have since one year and never used it for photography, Sunday wanted to go really light and took 750D plus 18-55STM with low expectations, in the field the tiny and dim viewfinder compared to 7D mkii plus 17-552.8 was another handicap wondering how I used to use close combos and was happy.

Once photos downloaded that was another story, the lens is really sharp with accurate colors no I found no serious flaws in it, aside the ra ge it has nothing to envy to the well known 15-85
  The new generation of basic kit lenses have upped the game to the point where their only real constraint is the variable maximum aperture. They also have the advantage of super-fast focusing, something even the ring motor lenses have trouble equalling.

  I'm still reeling at the AF-P 18-55mm F3.5/5.6 VRII lens for 60 euros.........Of course here, in the scheme of the modern cutting edge wide aperture glass, these sort of lenses are almost novelties, but it's taken the whole of the epoch of photography to get to this point!

Now for a relatively small sum of money, you can have a very decent photo and video camera, with very good output what was only reserved for professionals is now available for everyone, no wonder such kits arr selling like hot cakes
Good to know. Are you taking about the 3.5-5.6 or the new darker 4-5.6?


I really agree with dave and toni, nowadays most kit lenses are nice except for the aperture (but also there are fixed lenses, e.g. the 35 1.8 in the Nikon world, that are nice and inexpensive too).


I think the worsest now are the Pentaxs, that once were considered better than the others, but since have not been updated, or have been updated with not better lenses e.g. the 18-50 4-5.6 instead of the 18-55 3.5-5.6 in almost ten versions...

It's the 3.5 version,  it's good to know good quality is available for everyone now.

When buying an entry level camera, now you have sharp image a well performing  auto-focus system.

With such slow lenses minor focus errors won't be noticed due to the important DOF.

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