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3 Nikkors coming
That information saves me just about 200€, thanks a lot Smile


But then it's quite a steep calculation: I already have FF 300 and 150-600 mm. To get a 1V3, which I prefer because I want to have a finder and not only LCD would cost me another 1800 €.


I agree the quality of your shots is on par or (mostly) better than my attempts, Not to mention the far lower weight. But at the moment I'm not ready to sell the big Sigma to finance the small 1 tele-combination version.

Quote:That information saves me just about 200€, thanks a lot Smile


You know, I was actually thinking of asking if you wanted to buy the adapter from me. But then I decided to do "the right thing".


On closer inspection, your Sigma is in fact better, at least in terms of noise. The 1 cameras have and will continue to have this issue but it is not the same noise that most people think of. It is more like film grain.


This "film" look, I have to say, is something I really like.


I gave this link some time back but if you want to have another look you will see what I mean. All shots except one was with the 18.5mm at f1.8.
I don't look hypersensitive to noise - if colours and details are good, I really don't care much about noise. And in terms of sharpness and colours, I'd say my pictures are not that much better to justify app. 10 kg of gear against your - I, suspecting - 3 kg incl. tripod. and I don't have the impression, a tripod is such a must for you like it is for my fat ass lens. This advantage is something which I keep in mind.


Travelling to i.e. Lake Bohinj with train and a bicycle and most of bag space is used by gear? Or bringing some travel photo equipment, spending the days less tired and bringing home some also nice pictures?


Okay, I have to keep in mind: The shots you saw are cropped, some of them pretty much, so there's a crop factor between 1.5 and 2. There were no portraits, no really close-ups amongst mine. And no birds amongst yours, but your subjects are closer to what I usually like to snap.


I think all of these mirrorless CX, µ4/3 are best to be used within their own lenses and accessories. There's a bait like those adapters for people with other systems and those adapters usually are not improving things and a re maybe best to be used fully manual, I don't know.


But if weight is a factor, you showed me a very attractive perspective in gear and since I know your "bigger sensor" pictures as well, I understand a bit better.


And, the Kambodia pictures show very well how a less scaring camera opens up minds   :wub:


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