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Next lens review: Zeiss APO Sonnar T* 135mm f/2.0 ZF.2 (FX)
Quote:Depends on whether I can get my hand on one soon Wink

Depends on when your next train travel leads you South Wink
Quote:Depends on when your next train travel leads you South Wink
Hmm... traveling south quite regularly, still. Actually, in Geneva right now. However, usually on a tight schedule unfortunately.

Let's see if we can figure something out by mail instead of here. Really appreciate though that you consider provising yours... I can offer an APO-Sonnar in return, it hasn't found a new home, yet Wink

Thanks, I'm far too happy and satisfied with my Sigma to even lust for a Zeiss. And you haven't seen it operating with the D850....  :blink:  Smile  That weekend I had it with me in the usual dark dancing joint. It wasn't everything gold, a couple of missed shots because 3D AF-C couldn't cope (or mabye and more likely the user has still to learn how to handle these situations best  Rolleyes ), but when it's sharp, you can see the little thin hairs on female skin.


Here the combination of CaptureOne RAW converter and D850 is just superb!  ^_^  There were files around ISO 50.000 - I wouldn't put them on A1, but better than then D810.


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