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Schneider Kreuznach lenses no more ...
Three years ago, Schneider Kreuznach announced the development of some high end primes for the MFT system. It's not gonna happen. Most of the photographic business will be shut down in favour of industrial optical solutions as well as high-end movie lenses.


Probably not surprising anymore

A great shame to see quality established optical companies pulling out of the consumer markets!

Well, so much for the fanfare. Not really relevant for me, of course, but still a pity to see an already announced product go under. Well, as someone said elsewhere, "can we get to keep the prototypes at least?"

No wonder they had to close down shop. Their public relations is bad. No mention of all this on their website.

They'll be back in 10 years...

Quote:They'll be back in 10 years...
As a brand name owned by a Chinese company?  Rolleyes
I thought they signed a deal with Samsung?

"Not really relevant for me" says a lot. There are already decent lenses in the market for this segment and given the prices Schneider has to ask for and at the same time world wide service for a 660 employees "big" factory I understand they don't wanna dance on each wedding. They just could have thought before.

It's not only MFT, I also rarely saw their FF primes in the wild after they announced them at Photokina 2014. They will carry on with lenses for Phase One, I guess. Anybody here ever bought a Schneider lens in the last 10 years?
Quote:I thought they signed a deal with Samsung?
They brought some Samsung lenses at the time when Samsung was selling Pentax DSLR clones. That dried up very quickly.

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