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New Nikon lenses including 16-80/2.8-4.0 DX
Oops, did I miss that? I checked before I asked, but haven't seen you already tested it, thanks.

So, same score as the 16-85, then with the disadvantage of the turning focus ring. Pretty nice for that price.
Hi Markus, 


any plans for testing this interesting lens. Could act as a trigger to escape from hibernating and create some traffic from Nikon users :-)
Yes, of course Smile

-- Markus

Quote:Yes, of course Smile

-- Markus

Well, the focus for now is to get back on track with reviews in general. The first bunch of reviews will all be FX based.

So, in other words: I don't know yet Wink

-- Markus

The 20? The 35? The Tamrons? I love your reviews, Markus, because unlike (most of) those done by Klaus, they do not feed my G.A.S. (a deadly thing especially now with unemployment looming) - only my academic interest. Big Grin

Thanks, Rover.

Yes, the 20 and 35 are on the list, the 24 will hopefully be delivered soon. The Tamrons are not available over here, yet.

Quote:(a deadly thing especially now with unemployment looming)
It seems we partly share a fate, then... Wink

-- Markus


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